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Henry Frayne


Name: Henry Frayne

Age (in 2014): 23

Sport: Athletics, Long Jump & Triple Jump

Coach/s: Gary Bourne


Best international result/s:

London 2012 Olympian
Silver medallist World Indoor Championships 2012 – Long Jump
9th Long Jump London Olympics
9th Triple Jump 2011 World Championships

Major goal for 2014: 2 medals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Most memorable sporting moment: Qualifying for the London Olympics in front of a home crowd and my parents in Melbourne.

Biggest challenge you have faced: 18 months out of the sport due to ankle surgery and two disc bulges.

What do you like most about your sport? The ability to see some a lot the world whilst doing what I am passionate about.

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? Witnessing the success of others.

Favourite food/drink: Sashimi and coconut water

Favourite song/music: Hip Hop and House Music

Favourite movie: Braveheart & The Patriot