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Katrin Garfoot


Name: Katrin Garfoot

Age (in 2016): 35

Sport: Road Cycling

Coach/s: Kim Palmer


Best international result/s: 4th Individual Time Trial World Championships 2015 (Richmond, USA)

Major goal for 2016: Individual Time Trial RIO Olympic Games

Most memorable sporting moment: There are a lot of small moments that come into my head, when I try to find the most memorable one. There is not THE ONE. There are a lot! One is at the commonwealth games, where I am sitting on the hot seat waving to my husband across the barrier, or the one when I got 4th at the worlds ITT and Russ shot a selfie with the ds, mechanic, himself and myself, all grinning. Or that one where I crossed the finish line first in Qatar, being unsure if I actually won, looking around myself, trying to figure out if I was really in the front group and if I would not make an idiot out of myself putting my arms up now...I think it would be wrong to have THE MOMENT. The experience is a journey with lots of little moments equally important and enjoyable.

Biggest challenge you have faced: Knee injury last year due to riding the wrong shoes. Not knowing when and how I will be back, or who I could approach to help it all.

What do you like most about your sport? Coffee shop rides, riding in the hinterland (listening to the birds, smelling the forest)

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? Firstly I like to beat men, then I like to improve myself and then this saying helps me 'I am better than I think I am'

Favourite food/drink: Aperol Spritz, Gnocchi, but that can change easily

Favourite song/music: Depends on the mood

Favourite movie: At the moment 'the Martian', because I like that the whole movie is about survival and starting with solving a problem, without even knowing if it will work in the end. I guess that is a skill I aspire to.

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