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Ebony Gorincu


Name: Ebony Gorincu

Age (in 2021): 32

Sport: Weightlifting

Coach/s: Miles Wydall


Best result/s: 2019 Arafura Games Silver, 2019 Pacific Games Gold (snatch), 2019 San Diego Open Silver.

Major goal for 2021: Win a medal at the 2021 Commonwealth Championships and qualify for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Most memorable sporting moment: My most memorable moment in weightlifting was competing at the Arafura Games and qualifying for a spot on the Pacific Games Australian team. My most memorable moment in sport overall would be, making the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

Biggest challenge you have faced: I don't think that our biggest challenge in high level sport can be put down to one thing. To me, there are many challenges along the road, many setbacks we face in many scenarios. I think our biggest challenge therefore is the constant battle of all the humps in the road we come across to achieving our goals. Sometimes we don't achieve the goals we set out, but we get back up each time and try again until we do achieve them.

What do you like most about your sport? Weightlifting is a gruelling sport, it requires huge amounts of strength, speed and power. There is also an even bigger mental aspect that comes with weightlifting. There is something so satisfying about walking up to a weight you've never picked up before and suddenly being able to throw it above your head! I think all of these things combined, in turn, make competition my favourite part, that's where you get to put all your hard work out on the line.

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? I've always done sport for myself, to see how far I can push the limits of my body and mind. I am a very competitive person and there is nothing quite like competing against myself day in, day out and seeing where my hard work can take me!

Favourite food/drink: Chocolate

Favourite song/music: I like a pretty eclectic range of music - but pretty much anything from the 90's I can get around.

Favourite destination: Favourite winter destination - St Moritz, Switzerland. Favourite summer destination - Jamaica.

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