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Benn Harradine


Name: Benn Harradine

Age (in 2014): 31

Sport: Athletics, Discus

Coach/s: Ken Harradine


Best international result/s:

Commonwealth Gold 2010
World Cup Silver 2010
World Championship 5th place 2011
Olympic Finallist 9th 2012t
Australian Record and top 3 world ranking 68.20

Major goal for 2014: Personal Best Performances in Diamond League meets 2014, Continental Cup Top 3.

Most memorable sporting moment: Breaking the Australian Record on Fathers Day in Split, Croatia and finishing 2nd with my Dad watching.

Biggest challenge you have faced: Injury and understanding that you have to make a choice between being the best athlete you can be or trying to change a influence a system.

What do you like most about your sport? The challenge to learn and understand a technique. It is ever improving and develops as you learn more about your body and who you are as an athlete. I also love the travel and social side of sport. Its an education you could never buy in school.

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? Juergen Schult, who is the current world record holder, mentor and personal friend and my family who without their support I would never be where I am in my life and sporting career.

Favourite food/drink: Love all forms of coffee and a delicious punch. Food I would have to say Italian. Authentic, robust and yum

Favourite song/music: Clean the House, Fat Freddy’s Drop

Favourite movie: Into the Wild