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Kira Hedgeland


Name: Kira Hedgeland

Age (in 2022): 23

Sport: Triathlon

Coach/s: Joel Filliol


Best result/s: 4th at U23 World Triathlon Championships 2021 and 1st U23 Oceania Triathlon Championships 2021.

Major goal for 2022: Selection in the Commonwealth Games team for Triathlon.

Most memorable sporting moment: Winning the National Junior Championships in 2015 and running straight into my Dad’s arms who was a photographer in the finish shoot area.

Biggest Challenge you have faced? Moving across the country at 17 years old, relocating from Perth to the Gold Coast to pursue Triathlon. Leaving my parents, my dog, my friends and everything I’d known for 17 years of my life.

What do you like most about your sport? The fact that it is three different sports in one, which all present their unique set of challenges. Also the people you meet, the places you travel to and the lifestyle that it creates.

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? My passion and love for the sport. As well as my goals of representing Australia at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Favourite food/drink: Mint choc chip ice cream. Coffee.

Favourite song/music: It’s Time - Imagine Dragons

Favourite destination: I love travelling to so many different places, but I've got a sweet spot for Perth (my home and where I grew up).

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