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Rosie Malone


Name: Ambrosia (Rosie) Malone

Age (in 2016): 18

Sport: Hockey and Football

Coach/s: Des King and Gary French


Best international result/s: National Junior Team, Argentina Tour 2015

Major goal for 2016: Selection in the Hockey Australia Junior World Cup Team to compete in Chile in November

Most memorable sporting moment: There are so many memorable moments from both sports; some memorable for how elated I felt and other for how devastated I was. That’s sport – ultimate thrill and joy one minute, heartbreaking despair the next. Moments where my team’s won national championships after working through adversity for a week or more, times I’ve been chosen as Player of the Tournament when I wasn’t expecting it, or times I’ve been selected in teams I thought I had no chance of making all leave you with an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride. In one memorable national football final I scored a flukey goal from half way that could have won my team the match and had us all screaming with elation, only to watch 60 seconds later as the opposition ran straight through our defence to take the title away from us. Elation to devastation in 60 seconds flat. That’s sport. I suppose I will also never forget having the top of my finger amputated by a stray hockey ball at an U16 Nationals when I was 14 is also something I’ll never forget…

Biggest challenge you have faced: Compared to most people, I haven’t had too many challenges. I did have a period where it seemed that only weeks before big tournaments I would injure ankle ligaments and have to withdraw, so that was hard – but for the most part things have worked out. Probably the only constant has been the financial challenge, with elite sport costing more and more money as the industry professionalises. I know my family has had to make so many sacrifices to keep supporting my sport, and so knowing that is always hard. That’s why the support of the Qld Games Foundation is such a great thing, and really does help give me a chance to concentrate on training and uni without also having to earn money. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to make it up to them. of my finger which had been amputated and broken by a ball at the Schoolgirls nationals in Hobart only 6 weeks earlier.

What do you like most about your sport? I love the speed, intensity and physicality that is brought out in players during major games. I just love seeing that hunger to win. Any sport can bring these things out in players, but I do find that hockey players are just so athletic, fast and courageous. I’ve seen girls just throw themselves at the goal with their stick out on the chance they might be able to deflect a ball into the net, even though there might be 7 or 8 other players throwing their sticks around their head – let alone that incredibly hard ball flying through the air. But they do it because their hunger to score is greater than their fear of hurting themselves. That sort of sacrifice and commitment is amazing.

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? My family. All I want to do is make them proud by chasing down my Olympic gold dream. There are also so many friends, mentors and coaches who of course I want to do well for. A little part of all of them are in everything I do, so I can’t just pick out one person. Watching other great sportspeople is ALWAYS inspiring, and Luciana Aymar has a record I doubt will be broken. Knowing someone like her, who’s achieved so much can inspire you to do your best too. She is gracious and talented and beautiful and never let age or anything else get in the way of achieving all she was born to do, and that’s what every one of us should be doing with our lives. Of course sometimes it can also be people who aren’t that supportive that can inspire you, by giving you that little kick that makes you want to show them they’re wrong – but for the most part real inspiration comes from positive places, like feelings of determination, emulation and courage.

Favourite food/drink: Chicken pad thai done well. I also LOVE milk, and go through about a litre a day (when I’m allowed).

Favourite song/music: Adel, ‘Send my love” – but I love all Adel songs basically. She’s amazing!

Favourite movie: Harry Potter (to be purely and magically entertained), The Conjuring (when I’m in the mood for a scare), The Notebook (when I need a good emotional clearing out).

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