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Gretel Tippett


Name: Gretel Tippett

Age (in 2015): 21

Sport: Netabll

Coach/s: Roselee Jenckie, Lisa Alexander


Best international result/s: Winning the 2015 Constellation Cup

Major goal for 2016: Win ANZ Championships with the Qld Firebirds & play for the Diamonds in the Quad Series

Most memorable sporting moment: Winning the 2015 ANZ Championships

Biggest challenge you have faced: Changing sports in 2012 at the age of 18 from basketball to netball

What do you like most about your sport? Friendships, passion, competitiveness, comradeship

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? My two brothers who play AFL Kurt and Joel

Favourite food/drink: Sushi

Favourite song/music: Anything Beyonce

Favourite movie: Honey

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