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Michael Tone


Name: Michael Tone

Age (in 2019): 23

Sport: Gymnastics

Coach/s: Sean Wilson


Best result/s: 5th on Highbar at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Major goal for 2019: Qualify for the 2020 Olympics at the 2019 Gymnastics World Championships

Most memorable sporting moment: Hitting my Pommel routine in the team final at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Biggest challenge you have faced: Not being accepted into the National Centre of Excellence in 2015 when all of my training partners and my coach (at the time) did

What do you like most about your sport? Gymnastics  is always evolving with people around the world continuously creating new skills and pushing them to their limits

Who/what inspires you to achieve your best in sport? My team mates who push me to be better and my family who have always supported me

Favourite food/drink: Mangoes

Favourite song/music: Perfect Lines by Northeast Party House

Favourite movie: The Imitation Game